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Artistic and Teaching Credentials

Doll Artist

I am an experienced and accomplished fine artist who has fallen in love with the art of cloth doll making, beading, pottery and most all other media. Everything I come across which I can use as visual expression to incorporate into my work tempts me to travel many diverse paths. My concentration currently is in the creation of cloth dolls and beaded accessories as art to wear and whimsical creations to enjoy. I use a broad palette of fibers, fabrics, trim, beads and focus heavily upon surface design and manipulation using colored pencils, paints, clays, Tyvek, dyes, fibers, hand and machine sewing. I am constantly expanding my vision.

Pattern Designer

I have created my own line of original cloth art doll and beaded art to wear pattern designs. I teach my various original designs in workshop settings throughout the country and look forward to traveling the globe. My patterns are available at wholesale and retail prices and are sold at numerous shops and on websites in the United States and abroad. My patterns are carefully thought out and contain very detailed written directions that are accompanied by step-by-step illustrations and diagrams and full size pattern pieces. All of my patterns contain a full color photograph and detailed supply list, bibliography and resources listing in order to make a finished doll or beaded work of art.

Cloth Doll Instructor

I teach the art of cloth doll making and beaded art to wear classes. My workshops cover all aspects and fundamentals in making the doll or beaded item. I take students through the various steps of laying out pattern pieces to the sewing and construction of body parts and work with all levels from the beginner doll maker and beader through to advanced artisan. All of my dolls in the present collection have hand painted and needle sculpted faces using various techniques and fabrics for the doll maker to learn. My beading workshops are approached in the same manner. I focus upon creative freedom in beading design that is so very exciting. I provide complete classroom person-to-person instruction integrated with visual demonstrations on beading techniques and stitches and how to create expressive and uniquely individual faces through needle sculpting and painting as well as methods to make wired pose able hands, fingers and toes, wired wings and various other unique items depending upon the doll being created.

Bead Artist

I have created a variety of beaded art to wear items as stand alone patterns and as integral embellishing elements for my cloth art doll work and patterns. These include amulet purses, beaded needle cases, bracelets, and hand sculpted and beaded face pins. I teach these original designs in workshop settings and in the same manner I do for the cloth doll workshops.

Additionally, I have been:

An Artist/Designer for McCall’s Magazine –"in-house" art staff layout and design artist

A Fine Art Teacher - New York City Schools - Fine and Commercial art instructor and Advisor to the Scholarship Award winning Arts & Literary yearly magazine publication.

Pratt Institute of Art - Master Teacher Program- I mentored Pratt Institute of Art student teachers in the art of teaching, lesson planning and motivational skills in the classroom setting.

Freelance Potter- working in hand built and wheel thrown pieces selling through shops and galleries

Illustrator - I have designed several logos, posters and letterheads for various companies and groups. Most recently these are: Empty Pockets Inn, Friends of the Nyack’s, Sand Dollr’s Doll Club, and the Giggling Goddesses

Quilter – exhibited my quilts in the Broward Quilt Expo 1998, Florida


Inquiries regarding commissioned dolls and beaded work are most welcome. 
You may contact me via email: potdfrog@bellsouth.net

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