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About me...


I am an only child and, contrary to the bad press we get..., I love to share and I usually do work and play well with others! I am hoping to live a productive, viable and stimulating life with the ability to create art ‘till I am very old wearing whatever color I choose to without being worried about what others might think of me.

I am a fine artist blessed by the magic of genetic inheritance and good fortune. I have been drawing, painting, and constructing things to make art and all manner of objects since I could walk about. It was at an early age that my parents began giving me art and violin weekly lessons. While the respected Brooklyn Conservatory of Music was preparing me for a career upon the stage as a solo violinist, I knew that I wanted most of all to create visual art. Finally I convinced my parents to allow me to study violin, and piano casually on my own while I focused on my art and academic studies.


Photo of my first doll: At age 14, I took a rigorous art exam and was admitted to the high school of Music and Art from which I graduated with an Art and Academic degree. I then entered with full scholarship, the Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture, N.Y.C. where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Art degree. I then did my graduate work in secondary education at Hunter and City College. Upon Graduation from Cooper Union I worked as artist and layout designer for McCall’s Magazine while concentrating at night on graduate studies in secondary education. I have worked as an illustrator, and have designed logos for several businesses and organizations. 



I became a licensed teacher of art and worked as such for the New York City School System for several years. I taught all phases of art and art history studies to high school students and held the position of advisor to the yearly award winning Arts and Literary publication. During this period I was also Master Teacher for Pratt Institute of Art, New York City, mentoring and instructing the University’s college level student teachers in the art of teaching, lesson planning and motivational skills. I became a mother in 1971 and began working from home as a freelance potter creating hand built works from my home studio.

I have a wonderful daughter, Laurel, living far off from my sunshine filled home in Boca Raton, Florida.  I have the most helpful, supportive and even-tempered husband, Reynold, who ever graced a marriage. 

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                I started making art dolls by using other artists' patterns.
                Click here to see photographs of these dolls.

Copyright © 2002 Marcia Acker-Missall
For Comments or Questions contact: potdfrog@bellsouth.net
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